Day of the Kamikaze/Eyewitness Kamikaze

My father is a pilot, not professionally but purely for fun.  I went up with him a couple of times, even in his own plane, but it was never that much fun for me.  It was just so disorienting, to see things from up above and not be able to tell where I was in relation to landmarks I’d known my whole life.  But if it’s something that someone else loves, I’m not going to belittle flying, even though it’s somewhat dangerous.  Now there’s a new film out about an even more dangerous way of flying.

Starting this November 11th, now available on DVD from Smithsonian Networks and Infinity Entertainment Group is the story of airplanes and the death they brought when flown by the Kamikaze.  Day Of The Kamikaze is ready to come roaring into your living room and deliver a crushing blow of personal stories and historical information.  Bring home this fascinating film today!

This DVD is actually made up of two different movies, each about a different aspect of the kamikaze way of warfare.  The first of these films is Day Of The Kamikaze.  In this film, we learn the origins of the kamikaze style of war and the justifications the Japanese felt lay behind the tactic.  This film centers on the two terrible and bloody days when the Japanese military launched “Operation Heaven.”    Those two days made up the biggest and bloodiest suicide attacks of all time and you will learn all about what it was like to be there.  The second of these films is Eyewitness Kamikaze.  In this film, we are presented with eyewitness accounts of those who survived kamikaze attacks as young Navy crewmen in the Pacific Ocean.  The harrowing tales they tell will not leave you.

The special features included in this DVD are surround sound and closed captioning.  It is disappointing that Smithsonian Network doesn’t include more bonus features, because I’m sure they would be incredible.

Sometimes it seems the World War Two is a little overdone.  Without it, I don’t know what half the stories on the History Channel would be about.  It seems as though we have rehashed nearly every topic of those dreadful years of war, yet still gems come to the surface every now and again.  These two films, coming from the Smithsonian, already had a great chance to be fantastic.  Yet they exceeded even my expectations and I’m sure they will exceed yours as well.

This disc makes for an interesting Day.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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