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I used to go to those fur-trading festivals you see every now and again during your vacations to rural “Real” America.  They are called rendezvous and I used to even dress in costume and cook period appropriate foods and participate in all sorts of contests.  My dad was really into all that, so that was my gateway.  As a result, I have all sorts of great knowledge with little practical application, such as how to load a muzzleloader, how to throw a tomahawk, how to use flint and steel and a few other things.  Now there’s a new release which deals with a time just after that period.

Starting this November 18th, now available in a special edition boxed set from Liberation Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the story of the original and most impressive pioneers of all time.  Daniel Boone – The Final Season is ready to burst out of your television screen and skin you a good time.  Bring home this frontier television series today!

Daniel Boone was the first true frontier hero on this new nation.  With Kentucky as his goal and the center of his heart, he became an icon as a pioneer, a hunter and a militia officer and was an inspiration for generations.  With the advent of this television show in the late sixties, familes were treated to a funny and gentle set of moral teachings and a culturally relevant look into the common humanity of all people.  This television show starred Fess Parker, Patricia Blair, Darby Hinton, Dal McKennon, sausage king Jimmy Dean (for real) and Roosevelt Grier.

This final season is completely loaded down with guest stars.  They include and are not limited to, Jodie Foster in one of her first acting appearances, Roger Miller the musician, Floyd Patterson the boxing champion, Leon Askin, Richard Kiel, Jill Ireland, Es Flanders, Will Geer, Bernard Fox, James Doohan, Alex Karras, Isabel Sanford, Ethel Waters, Mike Henry, and Lori Saunders.

The special features included in this boxed set are a round table discussion with some of the cast and a select group of fans, a photo gallery and a selection of Web links.

This boxed set is a complete treasure chest.  Not only was this a very interesting and wholesome show, but the look it provides back into the late sixties is nothing short of illuminating.  I loved this show and I’m sure that if you give it a chance, you’ll find that you love it too.  Check it out – you owe it to yourself.

Let Daniel Boone into your heart.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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