This story starts out with Silas Crow (Ryan Black) and Frank Fencepost (Adam Beach) as two 18 year old Native Canadians from Northern Ontario with high hope of getting into mechanics school in Toronto. They were both told that they each had to write a story about any subject as long as it is about something they know. This is where Silas’s story begins.

While they wait for an old friend of theirs, Silas’s sisters ex boyfriend Gooch, to return to town after serving time in jail, Silas orders two beers from the bartender. The bartender gave Silas some advice. “Two things happen to a man in jail. He comes out a killer or he comes out a Christian. Either way, I don’t want him in here,” says the bartender.

Silas’s sister Illianna (Lisa LaCroix) is married to a white man Robert McVey (Kevin Hicks) and her mother keeps nagging them about having a baby together. Sadie (Jennifer Podemski) and Silas had been dating since they were teenagers. He was concerned what would happen between them once started going to college.

On the Indian Reservation the young people have to deal with typical teenage problems such as relations with the opposite sex and the prejudices and problems facing the modern day Canada.

At the dance on the reservation that night one of the girls got into a fight with her boyfriend and ended up flirting with a couple of local white boys who was found the next day dead on the river. The man that killed her was found guilty only of manslaughter not of murder and was only given a short term sentence causing cries for vengeance by a community that feels betrayed but the Canadian Justice System. Once the man is released from prison the Native Canadians go out for revenge.

The movie which was directed by Bruce McDonald, held my interest to the end with what I have to admit I found to be a surprise.

Dance Me Outside can be found here.

Jan Barrett

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