Cyborg Soldier

Science fiction is my bread and butter.  I don’t read it as much anymore, but I grew up on that stuff.  Kurt Vonnegut’s short stories and early novels, Ben Bova, Ray Bradbury, The Big Three – Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein – those were the people who helped form my view of the world as something simultaneously dark and hopeful.  Due to that, there is always a soft spot in my heart for tales of science and dystopias and the darkness in the hearts of men.  Now there’s a new DVD out which takes a short look at those same ideas.

Starting this October 7th, now available on DVD from NU Image and First Look Studios comes a story about experiments gone wrong and the human drive for freedom.  Cyborg Soldier is ready to explode into your living room and take you prisoner with a tale of militarism on the run.  Bring home this explosive thriller today!

Isaac has escaped.  Only problem is, it’s not Isaac, it’s ISAAC and it stands for Intuitive Synthetic Autonomous Assault Commando.  In short, the cyborg soldier the government has been working on in secret is on the loose because he doesn’t like all the tests they were running on him.  He takes Deputy Lindsay Reardon prisoner and uses her to aid his escape, but those dark ops troopers are not letting him get away easily.  Twists abound on their shared journey to uncover the truth behind it all.  This movie stars former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin, Tiffani Thiessen from Beverly Hills, 90210 and Bruce Greenwood.

The special features which are included in this DVD are surround sound, English and Spanish subtitles and previews of other films coming soon from First Look Studios.

I was impressed with Rich Franklin in this movie.  He’s a UFC champ, so I had no expectations.  Of course, he played a robotic human, so he was certainly playing towards his strengths.  Tiffani Thiessen has certainly gotten older since I first noticed her, but remains an attractive girl to help bring some estrogen onto the small screen.  This film was not bad.  It certainly wasn’t terrific and I don’t know if I’d watch it twice, but it keeps the attention and there are some genuinely decent fight scenes.  I recommend it, but with reservation.

If you want cheap, quick entertainment, you’ll be able to Soldier through this film.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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