I like staying up late at night.  It’s not the best thing to do as far as enjoying the day after, but I enjoy the night.  It’s quiet out and it’s dark and some of the best things around take place, like great late night television.  And there is a prince of the late, late night, someone you might not immediately think of, but he’s still the greatest all the time.  It’s recent American citizen Craig Ferguson and his completely hilarious look at life.  His show features at least 20 plus minutes of great monologue material, far more and far funnier than any other late night host.  I’ve been waiting for him to release a comedy DVD and he finally has!

Starting this March 24th, now available on DVD from Green Mountain West and Image Entertainment comes the first ever stand-up comedy film from the absolute reigning deity of late night television.  Craig Ferguson – A Wee Bit O’ Revolution is ready to come roaring right out of your television screen and bring a whole world of hilarity into your living room and your heart.  Bring home this comedy classic today!

Most people know Craig Ferguson as the host of CSB’s The Late Late Show.  Even more might remember him at Drew Carey’s boss in The Drew Carey Show.  Yet he seems to be somewhat more of an also-ran when it comes to the late night crew.  It is almost as though everyone has forgotten that he’s on and it’s such a delightful surprise when he appears on the television.  Well now he’s released his first comedy DVD, filmed live at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre.  Ferguson riffs on the hero of Scotland, Sean Connery and why Daniel Craig is a gay dolphin.  Then there’s the part about why alcoholics are so much better than junkies.  Throw in some fantastic accents, Ferguson laughing at himself and some Cruise bashing and it’s all glorious.

The special features included in this DVD are a hilarious interview with Craig Ferguson and a surprisingly moving Fourth of July speech Ferguson gave in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall.  The speech was simply fantastic and helps us to remember the great things we all once loved about our nation.

If you aren’t staying up late to watch Craig Ferguson every night, you’re a tool.  Seriously.  And, no matter what, you should certainly not miss this comedy special.  There are parts that aren’t as funny as others, but as usual, Ferguson keeps hitting them out of the park and when he makes himself laugh, then you know it’s really getting good.  As a Monty Python fan myself, I certainly enjoyed some of the references Ferguson made in that direction, although he grew up with them as a national presence.  His take on the new James Bond is magnificence but it’s really his brutal take-down of Tom Cruise and the symptoms of depression that will leave you gasping for air while laughing uncontrollably.  This first DVD of comedy from this new master is great and I cannot wait until the next one comes out.

You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll Wee in your pants.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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