I’ve seen a couple of movies about what it would be like to be growing up in the White House.  These are inevitably comedies which include all sorts of high level hijinks but which always work out in the end.  It makes sense the attraction we have towards this idea, that not only is your dad (or mom) your parent, they are also the leader of what’s left of the free world.  Plus where else can you get into that much trouble at one time?  Now there’s a new look into that dream, or nightmare, come true.

Starting this May 27th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Disney DVD comes an all new collection of four hilarious episodes of everyone’s teenager in the White House.  Cory In The House – Newt & Improved Edition is ready for your tweens and younger children to watch whenever they want.  Pick up this great family friendly fun today!

Cory Baxter lives in the White House with his dad, the president of America.  Cory goes on some zany adventures with his two best friends, Newt and Meena.  They scheme up a plan to help Newt get his first kiss, they write a new song for their rock band, and Cory almost destroys the Presidential seal.  Not to mention, they’re still teenagers and have all that to deal with too!

The special features included in this new DVD are the Disney Fast-Play application, which allows the DVD to start the movie right away and a look backstage at how an episode of this show is made from start to finish.

This is an okay show.  It is aimed toward tweens, and from what I remember of being that horrid age, it looks like they’re doing pretty well.  Disney owns those kids with show after show of tween bait and mediocre pop music.  Your kids might enjoy it, but it certainly won’t make them any smarter.  This is like tweensploitation.

Don’t feel shy about inviting Cory and his gang into your House.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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