Comedy Central shows comedy movies all of the time.  It’s the majority of what they do.  Yet they often focus on just one movie each weekend and make it the focal point of that weekend.  Those movies are usually, but not always, completely hilarious and great representatives of what humor really is.  Now one of the movies which is often a Comedy Central weekend choice is available on DVD is a whole new way.

Starting this February 3rd, now available on DVD from Paramount Studios and one of the most painfully iconic decades in American history comes one of the funniest comedies of the decade from one of the best comedians of the decade.  Coming To America is ready to parade out of your television screen and show you a life of privilege and the hilarity that ensues when that life falls apart.  Bring home this hilarious movie today!

Prince Akeem of Zamunda has decided that he will not stand for the arranged marriage his father has chosen for him.  His father decides to send Akeem and his friend and servant, Semmi, to New York to find a new wife.  So off they go to Queens and get an apartment and work at a fast food restaurant.  They pass themselves off as students and, among a whole host of celebrity cameos, look for some great women and finding Lisa, someone Akeem falls for completely.  Yet miscommunication leads the royal family to come to New York and everything comes crashing down.  Will Akeem be able to rescue his relationship with Lisa and Semmi?

The special features included in this DVD are English subtitles, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a widescreen version of the film and the original theatrical trailer.  It is a somewhat disappointing collection of bonus features, but the movie more than makes us for the sad difference.

This is, without a single doubt at all, Eddie Murphy’s finest and funniest performance of all time.  Also, it’s much more fun to see Arsenio Hall in a movie again and not just have to remember that television show he did which I was never a fan of.  Even though I had seen this movie less than a year ago, I had completely forgotten just how funny it was.  Trading Places was a great movie, but it is wholly shocking to see how much better Eddie Murphy was after the four years in between those two films.  This was also the first movie where Murphy plays more than one character, which is funny, but which also led to some certainly regrettable movies much later on.  It’s so great to see Akeem turn into the consummate New Yorker, even though that type of NYC native was a stereotype we saw pass out of vogue along with the first Bush presidency.  Once you see how great this movie is, you will look at comedy movies differently forever.

With this movie in your house, it’s a hilarious morning in America once again!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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