I love humor.  I’m a moderately funny guy myself, but I excel at wit, the quick reaction line and the put down.  My roommate is convinced that I should be on VH1 and all their shows where they have comedians riff on whatever they’re talking about.  He thinks I would fit perfectly because, number one, no one there is that funny, and, number two, no one there is famous.  Although that probably will not ever happen, here is a chance to see another collection of people who are not that funny to begin with.

Starting this June 10th, now available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Comedy Central DVD comes an experimental collection of comedy stylings.  Comedy Central’s Home Grown is ready to come into your house, give you the munchies and try to make you laugh.  Bring home this mid-level collection of humor today!

In a feeble attempt to make this DVD seem funny, Comedy Central has used a weed theme on it.  The whole thing, from the covers to the name of the sections to the interactive menus, is supposed to make you feel like you are living in a paradise of weed.  Hi ho.  The first section is Buds and they are the full episodes.  Sarah Silverman, although good looking, is completely unfunny.  TV Funhouse is not funny, Lewis Black’s Root Of All Evil is so painfully devoid of humor that I couldn’t even finish the episode.  Strangers With Candy is sad, because Steven Colbert is too much of a jerk to be funny and Amy Sedaris is too pathetic to be funny.  Reno 911! is the savior of this disc.  I’ve never seen a Reno episode this hilarious before.  Then there are the Stems, which are simply sketches.  The Chapelle’s Show sketch is so funny, all the rest of them are not funny.  Then there are the Seeds, which is random drug stuff.  There is an episode of The Joy Of Painting, a movie of a spider on drugs, a film about weed and other stuff which is not funny.

This DVD doesn’t so much have special features as it is just a different way of doing DVDs.  There are full episodes, then some shorter sketches, then some really weird stuff.  So there that is for you.

My analysis of this DVD?  Not funny.

This Home should not be allowed to enter yours.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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