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TV on DVD is like crack.  You don’t have to watch the commercials, you have complete control over which segments you want or do not want to see, and there are all sorts of special things which come along with it.  Of course, if the show sucks, then it will still suck on DVD.  Nonetheless, there’s a new TV show available on DVD.

Starting this July 22nd, now available as a special edition collectors DVD boxed set from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the definitive edition of one of the best kids’ shows made for adults.  Comedy Central’s TV Funhouse – Uncensored is now ready to explode onto your home television screen.  Bring home this crude mediocrity today!

For those who are not aware, this show is a sort of sketch comedy associated around a central theme each episode.  Doug is the host and always has a theme and a party set up for each show, but the Anipals, all animal puppets, never want to play along.  Doug is good hearted and naïve, while the Anipals are all evil.  There are also animated shorts and fake educational newsreels, like the one which compares pooping to masturbation.  Steadman, Wonderman, an exploding panda, some sex between lobsters, a lot of traveling using the toilet, Camel Joe reimagined, Triumph the insult comic, and some great cock fights make up pretty close to the rest of the show.

The special features included in this special edition collectors DVD boxed set are optional audio commentaries by creators Robert Smigel and Dino Stamatopoulos and host Doug Dale, dirty outtakes, footage from behind the scenes, video commentary from Chickie, Jason, Xabu and Dave, and much, much more.

There was one good joke in all of the episodes and it was about Allen Keyes.  I appreciated it, but I don’t think it’s a widely enjoyable joke this far removed from the situation.  Other than that, the show just relied on being crude and crass by itself is never necessarily funny.  Only intelligence makes funny and this show is dumb as can be.

This show isn’t Fun at all.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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