City of Ember

There’s something about a dystopia that just seems so right.  Mankind will always try to make a perfect society, but we are all imperfect beings so it will never reach perfection.  In some ways, I suppose that America is a dystopia as well.  We were supposed to be the golden shores that turned refuse into dreams, yet now we export our own trash around the world.  Not to mention, a dystopia is just so amazingly cool that you can’t help but be drawn to them.  Now there’s a new movie out with a very child-friendly and kid-oriented look at a fascinating dystopia.

Starting this January 20th, now available on DVD from Fox Walden Films and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the story of a plan gone wrong deep underground and the quest to set it right.  City Of Ember is ready to burrow out of your television screen and show you a dark and magnificent place.  Bring home this fantastic and harrowing film today!

At some point back in the past, it became evident that nuclear war was inevitable.  A group of Americans got together to design a city deep underground which would provide a safe haven for humanity and also lead them back out onto the surface when the time was safe so that man could conquer the world again.  They created a plan and gave it to mayor of Ember, the city they built.  Yet over time, the plan was lost and the politicians became corrupt and no one knew they were supposed to leave or that they could leave at all.  A religion has sprung up elevating the creators of the city but two children are on the verge of discovering the secret to Ember and it’s up to them to make everything right again.

The special features included in this disc are that this film is included in both widescreen and full screen formats, along with subtitles in several different languages.  Other that that, it was a little disappointing that was little else extra for this film.  It seems as though this movie was ripe for special features, yet there weren’t any others and this was the greatest disappointment when it comes to this film.

This movie was beyond great.  There was excitement, there was adventure, there was a dystopian future that looked like a fifties dream of a world gone awry.  For most of the movie, I was pleasantly reminded of my new favorite video game, Bioshock.  The gentle decay, everything decomposing and traces of a better past all over – it was a childhood version of the post-apocalyptic wasteland we have always dreamed of.  I didn’t read any of the books in this children’s series, but they certainly seem as though they would be very interesting.  Tim Robbins was great in his role and Bill Murray was simply beyond magnificent.  Also, The Daily Beast just named Saoirse Ronan as one the new Hollywood stars to watch in the next year and after seeing this film, I am forced to agree.  Pick up this movie for a great way to introduce your children to the glories of a dystopian future.

This City is a magnificent place.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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