Love is EvolOne of my favorite shows in the early part of my teenage years ended up being cancelled pretty quickly.  I was devastated.  It was Titus and it introduced me to the hilarity of Christopher Titus along with giving me some great jokes I use to this very day.  Now he’s back and it’s ready on DVD.

Starting this February 17th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes one of the funniest comedy specials of all time from one of comedies best minds right now.  Christopher Titus – Love Is Evol is ready to shoot right out of your television screen and bring a whole world of heartbreak and hilarity right into your living room.  Bring home this hilarious comedy special today!

Christopher Titus is one of the lesser known, yet still absolutely commanding, comedians in the business right now.  His last two comedy specials were greatly successful and so now he’s back with an all-new look at love.  Since his last special, he got divorced and found a new women and his former wife has put him through hell.  Somehow, he manages to turn a lot of those experiences into hilarious looks at life.  Whether it’s riffing off the inner retard inside of all of us who wants nothing more than for us to fail miserably or wondering why we put up with what we do, this fresh new hilarious special on love is magnificent.

The special features included in this DVD are an extended version of this special, a look behind the scenes at the photo shoot of Titus versus Cupid, a featurette about stories from the audience about love on the rocks and a hilarious countdown to Valentine’s Day.

Even through all the comedy, Titus is trying hard to raise a serious question and get us to think about the answer.  Why do we stay in terrible relationships?  It’s something that a whole lot of us need to hear because sometimes stuff is just awful and we need to start thinking about ourselves and our own happiness.  Moving on from that serious point, Titus was completely hilarious in this special.  He did start out a little slow and the laughs took a while to develop, but once they did, it was pure comic gold.  His inner retard voice was more grating than it was funny, but some of his stories were simply magnificent.  It was a great comedy special because it was about a real issue and actually offered some real advice which could help people, it was wholly hilarious and it also featured a story of personal redemption.  That’s all fantastic stuff and it works together so well.  Titus is on top of his game and it’s a great one in this special.

This comedy special is deliciously Evol.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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