Child's Play

I don’t watch that many horror movies.  I don’t so much get scared, I get jumpy and I hate it when I get jumpy and nervous.  Not to mention, I do some of my biking at night on trails in heavily wooded and isolated areas and it’s hard enough to focus on my RPM and not running into anything without looking out for killer leprechauns or any other psycho killers.  Nonetheless, there is a certain dark charm in a movie that’s all about some person being so unhinged or demon possessed that they will kill with reckless abandon and great creativity.  Now one of the classics of the slasher film is back on DVD in a whole new way.

Starting this September 9th, now available on DVD from MGM DVD and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the original story of a killer doll.  Child’s Play – Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition is ready to break into your living room and slash its way into your heart once again.  Bring home this iconic film of murder and mayhem once again today!

This movie stars, most famously, Catherine Hicks and Chris Sarandon and has been out for 20 years now.  Chucky is the hottest doll of the season, a good guy doll who will be your friend to the end.  Andy, who is six years old, wanted a Chucky doll for his birthday and so he got one.  However, this one is actually possessed by the spirit of a crazed serial killer.  Chucky looses no time in setting off to terrorize Andy, his mother and the babysitter, with some great murder scenes interspersed.  Yet Chucky doesn’t want to stay in the toy forever, he wants to control the body of Andy himself!

The special features included in the Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition of this DVD are both numerous and fantastic.  There is an optional audio commentary from Alex Vincent, Catherine Hicks and doll designer Kevin Yagher, another commentary from producer David Kirschner and screenwriter Don Mancini and also some scene specific commentaries.  There is a featurette about the making of the movie and how it was done, another commentary about making the doll of Chucky, a look at the backstory of Chucky as a character in the film and a gallery of still photos.

This film is uncontrollably creepy.  Dolls are pretty scary in and of themselves, but when it’s a demon doll which can kill, that’s beyond being simply scary.  This movie is one of the best horror movies of the late eighties, the era when slasher films began to become a little more self-conscious and poke fun at some of their own stereotypes.  Chucky was a groundbreaking villain, in that he brought a little fun into wanton murder and disrespect for human life.  This special edition DVD is a welcome trip back.

For creepy, old-school fun, push Play.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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