I find a strange enjoyment in the early movies of Woody Allen.  My dad hates him, but I like the quirky and oddly self-deprecating humor in those movies.  The offbeat jokes, the completely post-modern way of approaching cinema at times, it is nothing short of wonderful.  Now there is a new and much more mature and conventional film out from Mr. Woody Allen.

Starting this May 27th, now available on DVD from The Weinstein Company and Genius Products comes the latest intelligent thriller from the mind of Woody Allen.  Cassandra’s Dream is ready to be brought home and enjoyed whenever you feel like seeing it.  Pick up this stunning family drama today!

Cassandra’s Dream, named after a boat in the center of the plot, is the story of two working class brothers in England and their rich uncle.  Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell play the brothers with Tom Wilkinson filling in as their uncle.  Ewan needs some money to finance a business deal and Colin has hit rock bottom with his gambling addiction.  Tom comes to them with a proposition to help them get that money from him as a gift.  He needs a man killed.  The brothers initially balk at this proposition, but Ewan pushes Colin to accept.  Then they accidentally meet the man they are supposed to kill.  What happens from there only gets more and more interesting.

This film does not have any special features, but it is subtitled in English and Spanish.  If you are watching this movie, it’s for the plot and not the special features assembled along side of it.

This is a stunning film.  Ewan McGregor puts in the performance of a lifetime and, although Colin Farrell is predictably lackluster, it fits the character.  The story is great, the moral dilemmas are wonderful, and it is an intelligent thriller.  It’s the dialogue which, as usual in a Woody Allen film, makes this movie shine.  The treatment of two brothers committing murder is completely realistic.  No brothers would be able to decide that quickly and it would be something they would need to talk about for days.  And eventually one brother would come out in favor of it and drag the other one along.

Watch this family Dream become a nightmare.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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