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Some people would go ahead and say that I’m at least moderately funny.  Problem is, I’m more of the sardonic, sharp comment type of funny guy, the dry underwhelming humor.  That would never transition well into a stand-up comedy act.  That goes for the overwhelming type of comics, those with energy and funny voices.  The only notable exception to this is the late and greatly missed Mitch Hedberg.  Now there’s a new film out about being funny and we get to watch the whole thing.

Starting this October 28th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the next stand-up special from one of the best Mexican minds in comedy.  Carlos Mencia – Performance Enhanced – Extended and Uncensored is ready to roar into your living room and leave you in a coma from laughing far too hard.  Bring home this comic performance today!

Carlos Mencia filmed this performance live in the Hard Rock Hotel Theater in Florida.  From his position there he riffs on all sorts of topics, from his trip to the Middle East to what he thinks about the N-word.  Not only that, but we’re given his perspective on a black president, military gays, women who just keep liking jerks, modern superheroes and why vegetarians are hypocrites.

The special features included in this DVD are over 20 minutes of extended material, Carlos Mencia’s appearance on MTV’s Cribs and the Dean Carlos segment from Mencia’s television show.

Carlos Mencia is funny.  That’s can’t be argued with.  But he’s a little bit too jumpy and overly excited for me.  Some of his insights are very unique and ever hilarious, but for the most part, he just repeats things other have already said, only Carlos is louder.  For the most part, humor is something that should be calm.  It should be the wit of the observation or the character making it than the manner in which they make it that truly decides if something is funny or not.  That’s my only beef with Carlos Mencia.  If he would calm down a little bit, he’d possibly crack my top fifteen comedians.

It’s not overly Enhanced, but it’s still funny.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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