Who doesn’t remember the Care Bears?  They’ve been in our televisions, our dusty VHS tapes, our boxes of television tie-in merchandising for the last 25 years.  How could we forget the Care Bear Stare?  Or how about their stomach badges and how all of them, even that zany Grumpy Bear, would work together to accomplish exactly whatever kid-friendly team-building task was before them?  I know I’ve even seen the Care Bears save Christmas.  Twice.

And now they’re back!  And they’re CGI too!  That’s right, all you parents out there who want your kids to grow up on the same 80’s fare you did, and all you kids who stumbled upon your parents’ secret stash of VHS of Transformers, Care Bears, and McGyver.  The Care Bears are back.

On October 23, American Greeting Properties and Fox Home Entertainment present a brand new CGI Care Bears adventure on DVD, Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!  Also presented for the first time in this all-new friendship festival are bilingual Amigo Bear and the clumsy Oopsy Bear for whom the movie is named.

Oopsy Bear, the only Care Bear without a badge, accidentally destroys the amusement park that Grumpy and Cheer Bear had been building for their friends.  Grizzle, an evil bear (unCaring), uses poor Oopsy’s mistake to steal the badges from the rest of the Care Bears bellies.  But, Oopsy saves the day and gets the badges back.  How?  You’ll just have to buy the DVD to find out.

Every package of the new Care Bears movie comes with an attached and exclusive Oopsy Bear toy, from the new Care Bears toy line American Greetings Properties developed with Play Along.  Sorry folks, the 25th Anniversary Care Bear with authentic Swarovski crystal eyes and sterling silver accents is not included, although it does retail at $19.99 elsewhere.

And, saving the best for last, not only is there a new Care Bears movie on DVD, but the Care Bears crew returns to television with an all new Saturday Morning cartoon series on CBS!

This DVD, including the Oopsy Bear toy, is available at Amazon.com.

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