Flurries of Fun

Cartoons are a great way to teach character lessons.  People aren’t expecting moralizing or a meta-narrative, so their guard is down.  In between the bright colors and well-timed laughs, life lessons can slip through.  Now there is a great new collection of life lessons on DVD in the form of one of the best loved cartoons of all time.

Starting this October 7th, now available as a three disc boxed set from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and The Incredible World Of Dic comes the holiday themed collection of everyone’s favorite bears that care.  Care Bears – Flurries Of Fun is ready to swirl into your living room and take you heart by storm with a wintry blast of fun and life lessons.  Bring home this excellent three disc boxed set today!

This boxed set contains three DVDs.  The first of these is “Oopsy Does It!”  I have previously reviewed this film here.  The second is “Grizzle-ly Adventures.”  This disc contains two episodes.  In the first, Share Bear is having problems with sharing.  Will the other Care Bears be able to help her?  In the second, things are going missing all over Care-a-lot.  When Emma tries to help, she goes missing too!  The third disc is “Ups And Downs.”  This disc also contains two episodes.  In the first of those episodes, the bears are trying to surprise Surprise Bear and cheer up Cheer Bear.  How will they ever get that to work?  In the second, Jake misses his old friends and Fun-shine Bear tries to help him out, but discovers they both still have big problems!

The special features included in this three disc boxed set are a little limited, but the shining star is that, inside the boxed set, there is a free memory card game.  And with the economy going the way it is now, it’s always best to work on those memories so your kids can remember a time when we could afford to be alive.

I still like the Care Bears.  They have always been lots of fun and they still are.  They obviously have staying power and that’s often hard to come by when it comes to cartoons made just for kids.  The only possible reason for that is that the animation is high quality, the stories are both fun and entertaining and there enough important lessons in there for parents to continue allowing their children to watch the show.  These three discs contain stories and adventures that are uplifting and compelling, something we can all use a little more of these days.

Bring in the noise, bring in the Fun.

This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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