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I was born a little too late to be a part of the Care Bears mania.  I missed out on a lot of the eighties, being born in 85.  I missed Transformers, the Rubix cube, Cabbage Patch Kids, Garbage Pail Kids, He-Man.  All of the above are not parts of my childhood because I am just a couple years too young.  Now there is a new chance to have those lovable, huggable Care Bears be a part of your children’s formative years.

Starting this August 26th, now available as a DVD boxed set from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and The Incredible World Of DIC comes the definitive collection of some of the cuddliest heroes of all time.  Care Bears – Care-A-Lot Collection is now available to burst into your living room with their Care Bear Stare and take your heart captive.  Bring home this delightful collection today!

Twenty two Care Bears episodes are brought together for the first time ever in this incredible boxed set packed with over four hours of fantastic fun!  Tag along with all your favorite stuffed friends as they learn how to adjust to new additions to their families, get better at playing their favorite sports, make new friends and learn how to get through having braces.  But it’s not all character lessons, there is a whole lot of fun too.  Care-A-Lot must be saved from a terrible Cloud Worm and the Forest of Feelings is in grave danger?  Can the Care Bears pull it all off?

This DVD boxed set does not contain any special features.

As a man in his mid twenties, I wouldn’t watch this DVD normally.  Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable experience and a good way to pass a boring afternoon.  If I had children, this would certainly be something I would be interested in getting for them.  This is cute animation, good morals and a whole bunch of entertaining stories.  I like the obtuse ways the show brings up a way to deal with something that could be happening in the life of that child.  As an adult, we see how forced those issues are.  Care Bears don’t get braces, for one.  Yet to children, who see this magical world as effortlessly intertwined with their own, it flows naturally and they are inundated with helpful tips from the Care Bears themselves.  This is valuable tool for children and I recommend it on the strength of that reason alone, not even considering any of the other compelling reasons to enjoy this DVD boxed set.

If you Care about your children growing up to be good people, bring them this collection.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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