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Citizen involvement in political affairs is slowly dying.  Even with internet activism on the rise, mainly because it’s easier than actually going out and doing something, people are becoming more disjointed from the political process in their countries.  This leaves activism as a form which is found more towards the fringes of any given political persuasion.  It’s the committed moralist who will throw eggs and cuss at women walking into an abortion clinic; it’s a deranged fundamentalist who will shoot an abortion doctor.  It’s not just the passive vegetarian who will dress up in a chicken suit and protest outside of the local KFC; it’s a crazy person who will actually burn one down.  There is still room for a civilized activism in this world, and this is the wonderful tale of one such journey of change.

Now available from Cinema Libre Studios is the latest political documentary from director Zack Winestine.  Caravan/Prague – The Uneasy Road To Change is ready to take you on a wild bike ride through Europe to protest the IMF and World Bank.

Caravan/Prague is the story of a 500 mile bike ride across Europe to protest at the summit being held by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  The caravan, which also consists of a support vehicle which carries the luggage, had filmmaker Zack Winestine as a part of it.  He documents the ride, the police which constantly harass them, the difficult border crossings, and his own doubts and fears about this mission.  The riders are mostly anarchists riding without money and with no ruler.  They set out to create a community being led from within, something the IMF and World Bank could never duplicate.  Watch the film to see how their mission goes.

The special features on this DVD include the original film trailer, DVD-ROM content, an extended scene “Czech Border Official,” and the short film “Quebec – At The Wall,” an interesting look at the protests in Quebec City during the 2001 FTAA meetings.

This was a good movie.  Filming a bike ride through Europe might not sound like the most interesting thing to watch, and it is a little slow in the beginning, but Winestine constantly finds ways to keep our attention.  Also, the fact that he’s riding with a caravan of anarchists and being threatened by police and border guards tend to make for an interesting story.  This is a tale of courage and conviction, a well warranted look at those who stand up to international forces of great power.

Caravan/Prague is a ride worth tagging along for.

This DVD is available from the Cinema Libre Studios store.

Caravan/Prague official website.

Nathaniel Jonet

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