Who remembers all those great cartoons from Saturday mornings on the early 90s?  Not me, evidently.  I’d never heard of the show Captain N and I certainly never knew that there was ever a cartoon about The New Super Mario World.

But, back in 1991, NBC had two greatly popular Saturday morning cartoons – Captain N and The New Super Mario World.  An episode from each show was only 15 minutes long, so they decided to combine the two shows into one half hour show of animated greatness.  And so, each show had fifteen minutes of each, two completely unrelated episodes.

Now, for the first time ever, this one season of mix-and-matched glory is now available as a 2 DVD boxed set.  It is being put out by Shout Factory.

Captain N: The Game Master is all about the story of Kevin Keene, the Game Master, and his N-Team and how they set about defending the universe from Mother Brain and her Forces of Chaos.  This was the third and final season of the show of Captain N, the Game Master.

The New Super Mario World is the story of Yoshi, the Princess, Mario, and Luigi and their animated adventures.  This was based on the video game of the same name and this was also the final season of this television show.

What about special features in this all new boxed set of Captain N and the New Super Mario World?  Well, they are somewhat sparse and consist wholly of the concept art of the storyboard to the screen of the opening title sequence and the character of Yoshi.  It is a disappointingly small amount of extras, but for a children’s Saturday morning cartoon from 16 years ago, who really would have expected anything at all?

Captain N and the New Super Mario World is, although not necessarily welcome or particularly impressive, a trip through the land of nostalgia.
This DVD boxed set is available at Amazon.com.


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