Caillou's Winter Wonders

I love winter.  Driving in it is a complete pain, but that’s mainly because my car is always so terribly cold and I never drive far enough for it to warm up satisfactorily.  Also, you can’t bike in the snow.  Fact.  But snowshoeing and skiing and sledding are loads of fun and it’s cool to see snow on the ground.  The cold gets lame after a while, but while it’s still fresh, winter is sweet.  Now there’s a new chance to think about that most glorious season!

Starting this September 23rd, now available on DVD from PBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the latest collection of everyone’s favorite cartoon adventurer.  Caillou – Caillou’s Winter Wonders is ready to burst into your living room with all sorts of winter type fun and enough adventures for the whole family.  Bring home this fantastic DVD today!

This DVD is made up of four wonderful episodes from the life of Caillou, a boy who loves to use his imagination.  In the first episode, “Caillou The Snowman”, we learn all about the cool stuff to do outside when it’s snowy.  We build a snowman out of snow and snowflakes out of paper, play hockey and do so much more.  In the second episode, “Caillou’s Christmas”, we learn all about holiday traditions from all over the whole wide world.  In the third episode, “It’s Cold Outside”, we do more fun stuff outside, like riding on a big sled, playing in the snow and making snow angels.  In the fourth episode, “Winter!”, it’s all the outdoors fun you imagine with some best friends.  Even with all this going on, growing up is still the greatest adventure of all!

The special features included in this DVD are several very fun interactive games, biographies of the characters in each episode, information for parents, coloring pages which can be downloaded and printed from your home computer and an optional Spanish audio track.

This show is loads of fun!  The animation is light and fun, along with being heartwarmingly reminiscent of The Adventures Of Tintin.  We learn about the power of imagination and the worth of friendship.  Not only that, but there are all sorts of incredible winter activities to captivate our imaginations and compel our own actions once the snow starts to fall in a couple of months.  I enjoyed watching this by myself, so I’m more than positive that your children will enjoy it.  Once again, PBS hits it out of the park with their selection of entertainment and education which will enlighten the lives of our children.  I recommend this if you want your kids to have a fun time and learn how to use their imaginations.

This DVD will fill your children with Wonder.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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