Brothers and Sisters - The Complete Second Season

My family is awesome.  We have some varied talents, are good at different things and have enough of a shared ethos to be a great group together.  Few things are more hilarious than a get together of my parents and their three children.  Now there’s a new show out about the lives in a family which are not quite as awesome as mine.

Starting this September 23rd, now available as a DVD boxed set from ABC Studios and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the second season of the show all about the ins and outs of the Walker family. 

This family drama focuses on the lives and trials of the Walker family, run by the matriarch Nora.  The family has a winery, some of them own their own businesses, one of them is in the highest level of politics, one is a gay lawyer, one is a combat veteran.  Now throw normal family dynamics and a lot of plot twists in and you get one crazy second season.  Rob Lowe, Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, Patricia Wettig and Sally Field all star in this show

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a collection of Walker family recipe cards, a guest book, a look at the food in the second season, a featurette about designed the set for the show, bloopers and outtakes, optional audio commentaries from creators and stars and a selection of deleted scenes.

I feel like I’ve missed the boat.  People are throwing accolades at this show like it’s going out of style and I couldn’t stand it.  Maybe it’s the insistence of the show that the Walker family is upper middle class.  Middle class?  The brother in law is a senator running for president, they own multiple businesses and they’re obviously worth a lot.  That’s not middle class unless we really are living in John McCain’s America.  When you read about the show and all the multilayered characters and social commentary that’s inherent in the family makeup, it seems like show could have a whole lot to say and yet it says nothing and not very eloquently either.

They might be Brothers And Sisters, but it won’t feel like family to you.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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