Being a man is tough.  All sorts of responsibilities, all different types of skill sets we must master.  Even the vocabulary is different – HDMI, ratchet sets, DOHC, PVC.  It’s a daily competition against ourselves to see just how manly we can be.  No one has made it look easier than Mel Gibson.  And Mel Gibson has never made it look easier than he did in Braveheart.  Thankfully, with the re-release of Braveheart, we can all relive those moments of pure man.

The Special Collectors Edition of Braveheart is now available on an all new, digitally remastered two disc DVD boxed set.  This is the Christmas gift every man wants to find under his tree on Christmas morning.

Who hasn’t seen Braveheart?  It’s a tale of treachery and courage during the English occupation of Scotland.  William Wallace grew up in a life of culture, then went back to the mud huts of the Highlands where he was born.  But the English begin to tighten their grasp on Scotland and, when the local lord kills his new wife, he takes action and rises up against the local magistrate and then goes on to kill the local lord.  This grows into a large scale insurrection which engulfs all of Scotland.  Wallace then takes it one step farther and invades England.  In the background, the Scottish royalty debate whether or not they will support the rebellion and bring their military might to bear on independence.  What follows are monstrous battle scenes, treachery, and much more killing.

The special features on this disc include a commentary on the movie by Mel Gibson, who both directed and starred in the film, the journey the writers made on the film, a featurette on the making of Braveheart, stories about William Wallace, archived interviews of the cast and crew from Braveheart, a montage of photos from production and the film itself, and both of the original theatrical trailers from the film.

Braveheart is perhaps the manliest movie of all time.  It set the standard for gore and brutality when it was originally released and, over ten years later, Braveheart still stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

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