Boowa and Kwala

Buddy films are the bread and butter of Hollywood.  They can be anything – action, comedy, drama, anything you can think of, I’m sure they’ve done it.  There’s just something about that interaction between two people, especially when they’re just the right amount difference from each other.  Now there’s a new buddy film out on DVD and these buddies are unbelievable.

Starting this October 14th, now available on DVD from Granada International and PorchLight Home Entertainment comes the ultimate story of friendship and entertaining adventures.  Boowa & Kwala is ready to leap out of your television screen and take your preschool children on a wild journey

This film is based off of characters on a wildly successful children’s website.  It’s just another sign of how Web 2.0 this world is becoming.  I’m still not sure what exactly the title characters are, although Kwala both looks and sounds like a koala.  As far as Boowa, your guess is as good as mine.  Their adventures seem a little disjointed, but they are still all sorts of fun.

As far as special features go, this disc does come in a widescreen 16 X 9 ratio, so that’s at least some kind of special feature.

I found this film to be very interesting and a whole lot more fun that I thought it was going to be.  I laughed and I know that if I were still a kid, I would completely enjoy this movie and the ones that are going to follow it.  The colors are fascinating, both main characters are funny and you learn important things from them.  I recommend this movie to all families with pre-school children.

Bring home some serious fun with Boowa & Kwala.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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