Several years ago, back when I was unemployed, I used to watch a lot of daytime television.  It was boring, but it passed the time while I waited for all of my friends to get done with work.  I got to see all sorts of things, but most of it dealt with cheaters and paternity tests and rebellious, slutty daughters.  Some of the strangest and just plain disconcerting episodes dealt with kids who were beyond the reach of their parents, so they were rounded up and sent to a boot camp or similar facility built around the concept of tough love.  Now there’s a movie about those types of camps and the problems with them and it’s ready for you to bring home today on DVD!

Starting this August 25th, now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment comes a horribly chilling psychological thriller based on a story that is regrettably true.  Boot Camp – Unrated is ready to come twisting out of your television screen and take you into a world that shows you that tough love is often no love at all.  Bring home this entertaining and frightening tale today!

All over these United States, there are teenagers whose parents can no longer handle them.  This movie, based on true events, is all about three kids who are shipped off to a boot camp, a tough love facility, in Fiji.  We go on to learn that they are in Fiji because an earlier camp run by this same guy ended up killing a teenager.  The camp is portrayed to parents as this exotic and restful place where teenagers are taught about their feelings and how to move on and be better people.  In fact, there are rapes and torture and all sorts of other misdeeds that shouldn’t be tolerated.  Now some of the inmates are trying to escape.  Will they be successful?  This movie stars Gregory Smith, Mila Kunis and Peter Stormare and was directed and produced by Christian Duguay.

This DVD does not include any special features, other than being unrated and having a couple of trailers before the movie starts.

This movie was made two years ago and showcases the type of work that Mila Kunis would have gone on to continue to do.  Now that’s she’s a big star, she’ll be in better movies and it will be more enjoyable to watch her traipse across the screen.  This movie was decent, although it certainly wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen lately and it won’t be worth watching more than a couple of times.  The craziest thing is that these types of things are actually real.  More than sixty deaths have been recorded since the start of the tough love movement in the 70s.  That’s insane.  The legality of signing over the care of your children is less than suspect and the legitimacy of tough love is not clear.  This movie is best as a cautionary tale.  A very frightening one.

This Boot Camp will teach you important things.

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