Who doesn’t want their children to know a second language? With the world becoming more and more interconnected every day, knowledge of more than language is quickly moving from a neat trick and a nice resume filler to a strong necessity. One new and innovative way to aid your children in becoming bilingual is found in the BookBox system created by literacy expert Dr. Brij Kothari. Released by Master Communications, Inc., the two initial DVDs will be available on October 23rd.

Dr. Kothari hit upon the innovative idea of SLS, or Same Language Subtitling, while watching a Spanish movie to try and improve his knowledge of Spanish. Why not be able to read what we are hearing in the language we are trying to learn as well, he asked. What came out of that questioning is BookBox, his new system for learning a second language he also refers to as Reading Karaoke.

Each BookBox DVD is about thirty minutes long, is recommended for school-aged children, and consists of several animated stories paired with the Same Language Subtitling.

The first DVD is Enchanting Christmas Stories. It is available in English only, English/Spanish, English/French, English/German, English/Italian and English/Mandarin. Christmas Stories contains five wonderfully enchanting and educational stories. The first story, “The First Christmas”, is a twist on the Christmas story where the Star of Bethlehem tells the story. The second, “The Greatest Treasure”, is about a boy who finds a treasure map and meets several animals along the way to the treasure. The third, “Tucket the Bucket”, is a heartwarming story about, of all things, a rusty bucket. The fourth, “The Elves and the Shoemaker” is a retelling of the classic tale about elves who make a shoemaker rich and how the shoemaker repays them. The fifth story is “Santa’s Christmas”, a jolly tale about one year when children brought Christmas to Santa.

The second DVD is Stories From Around The World. It is available in English, English/Spanish, English/French, English/German, English/Italian, English/Mandarin, English/Hindi, English/Gujarati, English/Russian and English/Portuguese. Stories From Around The World is filled with five captivating stories which will help your children learn. The first story is “The First Well”, a charming story about how the first well was created. The second, “The Boo In The Shoe”, is about creatures named “Boos” which hide under children’s beds. The third, “The Whispering Palms”, is about a child and father who learn to live at peace with nature. The fourth, “The Little Pianist”, is about a child, Azul, who learns to play music from within himself. The fifth story is “Elephant In The City”, about a zoo-bound elephant who escapes and roams the city.

And, a portion of the money from each sale of a BookBox DVD will be donated to PlanetRead.org, a literacy development organization.

These DVDs, along with two to four more each year, will be available at Master-Comm.com.

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