Bolt (Three-Disc Edition w/ Standard DVD + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Sometimes you don’t want a television show to just be a show.  You want it to be real and be a place where you can hang out.  As a child, there were few things I wanted more than to be Richard Dean Anderson in MacGyver.  After each episode, I would crawl across the top of our sofa because that was the most daring thing I could think of as I pretended to be the mullet-wearing marvel.  Now there’s a movie about someone who thinks that television shows are real life, except that he’s a dog and he’s in the show and it’s ready for you to bring home now!

Starting this March 22nd, now available in a fantastic three format combo pack from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the story of a hero dog and his quest to get back home with hilarious results.  Bolt – Blu-ray Disc, DVD and Digital Copy is ready to rocket right out of your television screen and bring a whole world of fun and hilarity into your living room.  Bring home this fantastic and greatly entertaining movie today!

Bolt is one of the biggest heroes in the world.  He’s a courageous dog who, along with Penny, saves the world on a daily basis.  Problem is, it’s all a television show and Bolt doesn’t know this.  When Bolt ends up in New York City on accident and is separated from real life owner Penny, he’s off on a cross country quest to find her again.  Over time, he realizes he’s not the super hero he always thought he was.  But with the help of his number one fan, Rhino the hamster, and street-wise Mittens the cat, Bolt will discover that he can still be a hero.

The special features included with this film are simply outrageous.  First of all, this combo pack includes a Blu-ray disc, a DVD and a code which will allow you to download a copy of this film.  The special features on the Blu-ray disc are as follows – a brand-new short about Super Rhino, a look at the recording sessions of John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, a music video from John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, a look at how the film was made and the journey it took to do so, a selection of deleted scenes, a look at the voice actors for the movie, a look at the look of this film and how it was accomplished, a great mission game from Bolt and a fantastic gallery of art from the movie.

This was a great and very enjoyable movie.  John Travolta made a fantastic Bolt and even Miley Cyrus was good as Penny.  The parts where Bolt is starting to realize that he doesn’t have super powers are some of the funniest in the movie, although it’s definitely the appearance and subsequent hilarity of Rhino that takes the funny cake.  The message was a really good one and the animation was completely delightful.  Yet the special features and the overwhelming convenience of this combo pack is perhaps the best part of this whole movie.  If you want to watch this movie in high definition on your Blu-ray player at home, you can do it.  If you want to watch it on DVD in your mini-van, you can do it.  And if you want to watch it on your iPod during a flight, you can do that too.  It’s an incredible array of possibilities and it’s fantastic, just like the movie.

Bolt right out and pick this up today!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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