I studied theology in college and found it completely fascinating.  All the different things which could possibly be true about God simply blow the mind.  One of the most amazing parts is the idea of the difference between the historical Jesus and the Jesus of faith.  See, this view says that there is the Jesus who existed in history.  He was a man and everything that came with it.  Maybe he was the son of God, maybe he died and rose again, maybe he was illiterate and maybe he was married and had children.  That’s the Jesus of history, the one who actually happened.  Then there’s the Jesus of faith, the one who walked on water and performed miracles, the one who rose again and symbolizes good and peace in all of us and our devotion to a higher good.  Now there’s a fantastic new film out which seeks to drive a compelling wedge between the faith and history of Jesus of Nazareth.

Starting this September 16th, now available on DVD from Cinema Libre Studio comes one of the most exciting films about the possibility that Jesus of Nazareth perhaps did have children with Mary Magdalene.  Bloodline is ready to burst into your living room and amaze you with the possible alternatives to the stories we grew up hearing in church.  Bring home this undeservedly overlooked documentary today!

Bruce Burgess is a British filmmaker who was captivated by ideas from the most recent Dan Brown novel and so sets off to see if he can find proof that Jesus and Mary had children.  He interviews people from the Priory of Sion, he finds first century artifacts and eventually comes to a tomb with an ancient corpse in it covered in the cloak of Knight Templar.  There’s so much more but it’s so exciting that you have to watch it to believe it.

The special features included in this DVD are excerpts from an interview with Nicolas Haywood from the Priory of Sion, the original theatrical trailer, scientific documentation of the tests they run in the film and a selection of deleted scenes including where the British Museum examined the chest they find, an underground labyrinth, some coded messages and unseen footage of the tomb itself.

I read The DaVinci Code a couple of years after it came out.  At my fundamentalist college, professors would literally teach entire classes on how this book of fiction was fake (which I always thought fiction made clear to begin with) and how it was the devil and Satan was using it.  That really happened, along with a professor telling me how Hurricane Katrina was God’s judgment on an evil city.  It was a rebellious thing to read the book and I enjoyed it for the drug store novel that it was.  This movie is far more serious.  People die mysteriously before they are set to speak with Bruce on camera, his room is bugged, his phone is tapped, people are following him all the time.  I’m not sure if I believe that Jesus and Mary had kids, but the things they discover in this film are amazing discoveries regardless of what they do or do not prove.  Here’s my final view of the bloodline conspiracy.  I believe that the Vatican certainly could have covered something of this magnitude up.  The only way the early church was able to survive into the era of the state church was through destroying all its enemies and maintaining a death grip on the public perception of truth.  The crucial point of this story to me is not that Jesus might not have died on a cross, but that the established church is more than capable of being that deceptive for their own gain.

For a real modern mystery, follow this Bloodline.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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