I like action movies. A movie that has Jean-Claude Van Damme is sure to get a look. Even if what they are doing has been done to death. Black sites and escapes from them have all been the action movie rage the last couple of years in between the flood of cartel drug gang violence flicks. BLACK WATER takes the black site deal from the oil tanker or underwater base and puts it on a submarine.

A skeleton crew of Navy personnel works in one part of the submarine while a CIA team works in the other part doing what they do. Dolph Lungren plays the role of a captured German intelligence dude who is already onboard when Jean-Cluade, in the role of Scott Walker, CIA operative and studly hero, is brought on board to be tortured about missing files.

The interrogation by the CIA team led by a traitor goes wrong—or right if you are Jean-Claude—and he escapes to do his version of Bruce Willis causing trouble in a skyscraper –submarine style. This is a decent action movie as long as you don’t think about it too much. Plenty of violent action, but nothing that is excessive or gory. There is no frontal nudity though there is a very little bit of side nudity of one of the actresses.

We got it by way of Netflix who also provides the synopsis/details below.  For those who wonder, there is no frontal nudity though there is a very little bit of side nudity of one of the actresses.

After he’s spirited away to a submarine being used as a secret CIA interrogation site, operative Scott Wheeler learns that he’s been framed for treason. But to prove his innocence, he must team up with a fellow prisoner and find a way to escape.


Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Kilpatrick, John Posey, Jasmine Waltz, Courtney B Turk, Tandi Tugwell, Lance E. Nichols, Tom DeNucci, Mark Sherman


Pasha Patriki


Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers, Indie Action, Indie Suspense & Thriller


Violent, Exciting


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