Welcome to my first blog article. Since this is my first article I wanted to mention who I am,  what I am about, and how I came to be here at Blogger News Network.

I am an adult survivor of chronic childhood abuses. I have spent the past 15+ years learning, growing, and making positive changes for myself, as well as others. The answer to ” what I am about” is helping promote awareness and education about specific sets of social issues and how they affect us all in daily life. The answer on how I came to be here is easy. I have been a fan of the Blogger News Network for about a year now. I have actively followed the coverage of several Missing Child cases that were being reported by site administrators Simon & Jan Barrett. I appreciate their unwavering honesty and insistence upon validation of information that is used. This is the standard they not only hold themselves to, but also reports made by their peers. They have welcomed visitors to use their own voices & exercise their own freedom of speech, so long as it is not offensive, not a direct attack, does not use unsubstantiated information as fact, and complies with the law.  It has been through that outlet that I have discovered my own voice and need to be heard in reference to my history as an adult survivor of childhood abuse; physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally, etc.

During my experience following a couple different Missing Child cases I realized I might have something to offer other concerned citizens. It didn’t matter if they also followed these cases or just wanted to make a difference themselves,  I have valuable insights into several specific areas of social problems.  The first of these topics  is to be a look into what a survivor of abuse, rape, and/or kidnapping would endure not only during the traumatic event, but also the life-long effects of such experience(s) and their impact on the survivors life and those they love.

The National statistic for survivors of these traumas being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is “-Eighty percent of young adults who had been abused met the diagnostic criteria for at least 1 psychiatric disorder at the age of 21 (including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, &post-traumatic stress disorder)” per http://www.childhelp.org/resources/learning-center/statistics

It is my goal to raise awareness and to help educate the public not only on this specific topic to include: National Statistics, Symptoms & Treatments, Information for loved ones and what they can do to help. All to include links to Nationally recognized sources & resources. I also plan to offer my readers my own personal insights & opinions on these topics with credits & links to verifiable sources that support my  feelings & theories. I often read or hear people asking questions like “What is it going to take to stop this?” or “What can I do to help?” I have often pondered those sentiments myself. The conclusions I have come to are:

1) A person’s honest willingness to really look at these abuses and issues surrounding them.These include not only current issues, but future outcomes as well.  What you will find is that it’s often raw, gritty, and not for the faint of heart. We all must make an honest effort to effect positive change.

2) The need for education via Nationally recognized sources of information.  We need people who desire to learn more & use it daily within your personal experiences with victims,potential victims, and others.

3) The gift of contribution through various outlets. Internet public forums and particularly this blog offer people a place to contribute, either through sharing their own experiences or even through offering support of another. One may also contribute through: involvement with Nationally recognized Non-Profit Organizations, forming a new NPO, victims advocacy groups, Guardian Ad Litem programs, Adoption & Foster Care systems, volunteering at suicide & crisis prevention hot-lines, as well as in many other ways. No matter how you choose to contribute to the battle against social injustices & child abuse, the most critical decision you’ll make is to decide you care. Anything that follows will be a move in the right direction.

My decision to use the motion picture Black Snake Moan by Craig Brewer, as a guideline for this series of articles is due to it’s honest, cutting-edge look into the lives of abuse survivors. It gives an honest, insider view of these abuse victims and challenges they face daily, and for the rest of their lives. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s author and director gives a no-punches-pulled, almost voyeuristic glimpse at this group, their actions, and common motivators.The Author/Director is himself a victim of stress induced anxiety attacks. I applaud his choice to shine some light onto this national as well as global issue. I would also like to take a moment to thank Samuel L Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake, and supporting cast in their choice to follow Craig Brewer out onto that ledge with their honest, even painful, portrayals of their characters. This movie is so true-to-life it made me wonder if Craig had been lurking through the shadows of my own young adulthood.

Since I had been following Missing Children’s cases I couldn’t help but see how these issues, the characters in this movie, and make comparisons with people involved in Haleigh Cumming’s life, those who had access to her, or responsibilities towards her. I plan to discuss these comparisons as they relate to these issues, the characters in BSM, and my own experiences. I think of this as a journey. One that heads us toward a better tomorrow for us all. I hope you choose to come along.

Movie available for purchase at Amazon

***Next article to cover chapters 1-2 of the BSM DVD. I plan to dissect those chapters in regard to the actions of the characters, the motives behind such actions, and/or contributing factors. There will also be direct personal accounts from the Author/Director via the DVD commentary & myself. I also plan to include any personal insights or conclusions as they pertain to the Haleigh Cummings Missing Child case. Don’t miss it!

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