Billy Blue Hair - Why do Giraffes Have Long Necks?

When I was a baby, my mom used the UPCs from packages of Pampers to send in and receive and free tape of lullabies with my name inserted into them.  A soothing voice sang songs about whatever it is that babies enjoy and it would say my name at opportune times.  I have no clue where my tape went, but I’m pretty sure that my sister still has hers somewhere.  For whatever reason, we all have a strange affinity to things which share our same names.  Now there is a new chance to get your child a sentimental and educational gift centered around their own name.

Starting right now, available on DVD from Kayo Media comes the entertaining tale of a blue haired boy in the ultimate adventure built for personalization.  Billy Blue Hair – Why Do Giraffes Have Long Necks? – Personal Edition is ready to romp into your living room and take every imagination in there by storm.  Bring home this wonderfully educational film today!

Billy Blue Hair is a kid who has blue hair.  Along with the colorful hair, he also has a dog named Doogie.  Somehow, Billy managed to lose Doogie, both of them being animated, in a world of live action video.  While searching through footage of wild animals, Billy will become a teacher to your children about all sorts of animals.  The animals you will learn about include Bison, Siamang Apes, Lemur Monkeys, Zebras, Lions and Giraffes.  This informative show will teach everyone the value of imagination.

This DVD includes the most impressive of all special features – your child’s name.  You can go on the website and enter whatever your offspring’s name happens to be.  In just a few weeks, you will get a DVD specialized to appeal to them individually.  If that isn’t a special feature, nothing is.

I found this show to be both informative and very entertaining.  These children’s shows which rely on trivia and fun facts go on to form the foundation of a child’s later interest in nature or trains or whatever topic it is which ends up captivating them.  I even ended up learning a couple of things myself.  The animation and live action video actually manages to blend together pretty well in this show, whereas it usually ends up looking faintly creepy for whatever reason.  I recommend this show as both educational and entertaining.

This catchy and fun way to learn won’t leave your kids Blue.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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