Beverly Hills Chihuahua

It seems as though dogs are everywhere in Hollywood these days.  Paris Hilton still has hers (I think), Britney Spears used to have some, but who knows what happened to them and Mickey Rourke even thanked all his dogs in an acceptance speech for The Wrestler.  Everyone has dogs, but different breeds mean different things.  President Obama is getting a dog which was almost extinct, but was saved through selective breeding.  But one annoying dog that speaks to privilege above all else is the Chihuahua.  Now there’s a chance to see the lives of those snobby dogs and it’s on DVD right now.

Starting this March 3rd, now available on DVD from Mandeville Films and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes a story about pets and friendship and wild adventures south of the border.  Beverly Hills Chihuahua is ready to pounce out of your television and bring you a story of privilege, friendship and great humor.  Bring home this hilarious family film today!

Chloe is a pampered Chihuahua who lives in Beverly Hills with her rich owner, Viv.  She wears booties and diamonds, but through the carelessness of a beautiful dog sitter, Chloe gets lost in Mexico.  Now with her new friend and protector, Delgado, she is making her way back up the high life.  At the same time, Papi, the unabashed admirer of Chloe, is one the way down south to rescue her.  How will this epic quest end?  This movie stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Piper Perabo along with the vocal talents of Drew Barrymore, George Lopez, Andy Garcia, Cheech Marin and Paul Rodriguez.

The special features included in this DVD are a selection of deleted scenes which were not part of the theatrical release, a reel of bloopers, an animated short about the legend of the Chihuahua and an optional audio commentary from director Raja Gosnell.

This is an entertaining movie and I’m sure that children and families would enjoy it.  It helped pass the time for me because Piper Perabo was in it and I used to make a point to watch every movie she was in (Coyote Ugly, Rocky And Bullwinkle).  In short, she used to be what Emma Stone is to me now (Superbad, The House Bunny).  But that’s not the only reason.  This movie is genuinely funny in parts and George Lopez actually shines.  It’s always a relief when the comic relief works and he’s working overtime in this movie.  Your kids will love it and I’m sure you might chuckle a couple of time, so just go ahead and check it out.

Viva Chihuahua!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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