Personally, I never understood why Beowulf was such a classic piece of literature.  Yeah, it’s old, but does age alone create a classic?  For instance, Shakespeare is an antiquity, but he is also one of the greatest masters of the English language who has ever lived.  But Beowulf?  No one knows who wrote it, it’s a mediocre and incomplete story, and it’s one of many bland epics from the Norse period.  Well, now it is also a movie, a retelling of that classic tale.

Starting this February 26th, now available on DVD from Shangri-La Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, is one of the most exciting retellings of a classic epic story, Beowulf.  Pick up this exciting and visually satisfying film to watch in your own home any time you like today!

Beowulf is the story of Beowulf, one of the last epic heroes of his time in a land full of monsters and evil creatures.  This film stars Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone, Robin Wright Penn, and John Malkovitch.  Beowulf comes to save the king and his people from the curse of the Grendel, a horrid creature which it turns out that the king himself sired.  But, after the defeat, when Beowulf goes to kill Grendel’s mother, he falls into the same trap.  Now, at the soft twilight of his own life, he must seek to kill his son as well.

The special features on this disc include selected deleted scenes for the movie which didn’t make the cut, a featurette on the making of Beowulf, a featurette looking into designing and making the creatures featured in Beowulf, and a look into the art of the movie.  There is also a featurette looking into creating the ultimate Beowulf and so much more.

I appreciated Eaters Of The Dead more than I liked this movie, but that doesn’t mean that this movie wasn’t any good.  The visual effects were great and worked far better for the story than I anticipated it doing.  They certainly changed the story quite a bit from what I remember of the epic poem.  In fact, from the moment Beowulf kills Grendel, it all goes in a completely different direction than it was supposed to.  As a whole, the story works well and is quite entertaining.

Beowulf is an interesting and captivating retelling of one of the greatest classic stories of human literature.

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