The movie hits theaters on Jan 4 and I really hope it does well.I don’t know what the budget for the movie was, but it was far less that the misery “Mortal Engines” that is currently tanking at the box office. Big and sweeping is not always better than small and personal.

Before we get to the story some kudos for the photography, the guys behind the lens’ did a spectacular job. Generally I devil in the world of books, there is a term I use, ‘The Hook’. This is the device to keep the reader engaged and want to read the whole book. Being Rose employs ‘The Hook’ strategy in a spectacular way. The opening credits suck you in and you are ‘hooked’ on taking the journey.

The genre is billed as comedy, and yes parts will make you smile, but it is also a rather sad movie.

At the center of the action is Rose Jones (retired police officer),her health is failing, and we learn that she has between 2 and 4 months to live. Much like John Belushi in Animal House, Rose decides that she needs a Road Trip. Rose doesn’t have a Cadillac, her choice of mode of transport is an electric wheelchair. ,

Love can happen in unlikely places and sure enough Rose meets rancher Max Hightower.

OK, I hear you all whining that I have not named the actors, I am a believer that it does not matter who is in a movie, it is the story and the flow that is important. But for you movie hawks

Cybill Shepherd), goes on a road trip in a wheelchair to search for her estranged son. Along the way, she falls in love with Max (James Brolin), a handsome old cowboy, who has come to a crossroads of his own.

I give this movie very high marks, if you have the chance, go watch it. Even the trailer is function

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