In the introduction to the Barnes and Noble edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s second novel, The Beautiful and Damned, there is an essay which talks about how the author often put himself in life circumstances which shorted his life or put his relationships under undue strain. After all, Fitzgerald believed that he could not write about something convincingly without having lived it. Many authors draw upon their own experiences to oil their words enough to have them slide down properly. When I read a book, I often wonder what parts are real and what parts don’t come from their lives. It’s the background for the authors that is often so fascinating in books. And one story which has not been told recently is that of one of the most romantic authors of all time, Jane Austen.

Starting this February 12th, now available on DVD from Miramax Films and BBC Films, is Julian Jarrold’s Becoming Jane. Pick up this romantic film today!

Becoming Jane is the story of the love that Jane Austen herself had in her life. Young Jane Austen, on her way to becoming a writer, happens to fall in love with a dashing and poor lawyer, Tom Lefroy. But the two really rub each other the wrong way. Regardless, Jane Austen falls more and more in love, to the point where she begins to consider perhaps the greatest move a woman of her time could make – marrying only for love.

The special features on this disc include an optional audio commentary by the director, the writer, and the producer, pop-up facts and footnotes about Becoming Jane, deleted scenes, and a featurette about discovering the real Jane Austen.

This film, grounded in the superb cast of Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Maggie Smith, James Cromwell, and Julie Walters, is a beautifully heartwarming experience. The story is wonderful, the costumes and backgrounds are superb, and the entire plot is a warmly surprising trip to take. It is a story of the true romance most of us hold in our pasts that define where we went from there.

Becoming Jane is a wonderful and romantic look into the background of the mind which wrote some of the most capturing novels of the English language.

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