I love documentaries, subject is almost irrelevant. But here is a documentary about a 50’s, 60’s and 70’s staple in the US, the glorious Drive-in. This I had to see!

Technology has done great things, but it is also a very disruptive force, that is very true in the case of the Drive-in. The multiplex theater, VHS and Cable TV put a steak through the heart of the industry. There is a Drive-in, or rather what remains of one close to where I live.

A sad sight, only the skeleton of the screen survives. The rest of it is a junk yard.

At The Drive-in does not pass judgment on the reason why, rather it looks at one surviving Drive-in The Mahoning in Lehighton, PA . This drive-in opened in 1949, and much of the projection equipment is original. Herein lay the problem, since the early 00’s the studios have been pushing ‘digital’ rather than traditional 35mm film media. The idea of a $60,000 upgrade to a digital projector was unlikely at best. Instead they mostly decided to go back in time.

Most first run movies start on Friday, end on Sunday and are available on VOD by Tuesday. In the world of 35mm there is an almost endless catalog of movies that are timeless.

The documentary focused on the 2016 summer season and ended on a hopeful note.

The Facebook Page for the Mahoning reveals that 2019 is getting set to be a great year for the rather quirky folks that run the place. Who wouldn’t want to spend the July 4th long weekend watching all 8 Harry Potter movies?

If you have a chance to watch At The Drive-in, please do, I enjoyed it a great deal.

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