Empty buildings freak me out.  I’m not so sure why, but they do.  When I’m home along, it doesn’t bother me since I live in an apartment building and can always hear someone else.  But when it’s late at night and I’m in some big building alone, that’s not so cool.  In college, walking back through the basement of the main building from a long evening in the library, I will swear to you that I’ve heard ghosts several times.  That presents problems for me, as I don’t believe in ghosts.  Nonetheless, there is a new movie out about the abandoned wing of a building, which is pretty much the same thing.

Starting this July 15th, now available on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Entertainment comes a horror movie which gets back to some of the roots of that venerable genre.  Asylum is ready to take your living room into a world of mental experiments, creepy doctors and really hot college students.  Bring this gem home today!

Counterintuitive as it may seem, this movie is the story of an asylum.  It was changed over to a college dorm and a new and uncharacteristically friendly freshman class now lives there.  An abandoned wing still exists and is full of blood and patient files and torture equipment from the doctor who used to run the place and torture his teenager patients.  And, I almost forgot, the corporeal ghost of the doctor who is now able to invade a person’s thoughts, kill them and steal their souls.  Neat-O!  People on the floor begin dying and it’s up to the hot freshman girl and darkly mysterious yet still hot freshman guy to find a way to save themselves since nearly everyone else is already dead.

The version of the film I saw did not include any special features, which was certainly a disappointment.  Anything at all would have gone a long way to making this DVD worth the two hours it stole from my unimpressive life.

I did not recognize a single actor in this film and that’s certainly not because I have failed to immerse myself in popular culture.  There was the obligatory early plot twist where everyone thinks the killer is really someone else and it was a complete failure.  It was as though even the writers decided it was a stretch that a janitor was doing the killings instead of a soul-sucking already deceased psychiatric doctor.  There were glimpses of character development and a compelling backstory, but it all fell away once the crazy visions and inventive homicides started.  The main character was really hot, surprisingly so for someone that skinny, to be perfectly honest.  I’ll go ahead and say that this movie is worth watching once, but only if you’re absolutely dying for a way to pass the evening and can’t think of anything else.  It’s not a glowing endorsement, but hey, it’s something.

If Asylum is your favorite film, you belong in one.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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