My mother is a huge fan of this show.  I had caught maybe one episode on television, but I did not think it was anything to write home about.  But as far as television series you can watch on the Lifetime Channel go, this is a pretty decent one.  Now there is a chance for you to catch up on the whole first season while still catching season two every Sunday night on Lifetime.

Starting this June 10th, now available as a special edition collector’s DVD boxed set from ABC Studios and Buena Vista Home Entertainment comes the latest series from the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Mark Gordon.  Army Wives – The Complete First Season is ready for you to bring home and take a fresh new look at life, love and liberty.  Pick this up today!

This show follows the lives of five different army wives.  Actually, one is a husband and four are wives, but I assume that Army Spouses did not test as well with audiences.  The cast of this show is led by Catherine Bell, Kim Delaney and Sally Pressman.  Follow these women as they learn to live with the jobs their husbands are expected to perform.  Watch them struggle with the intersection of their personal lives and their beliefs in freedom and country.

The special features included in this special edition collector’s DVD boxed set are a question and answer session with the cast of the show including questions submitted by the fans of the show themselves, a featurette looking at the lives of actual army wives as they struggle through their partners’ career choices, a story line which was deleted from one of the episodes, a reel of bloopers, selected optional audio commentaries, deleted scenes and much more.

Catherine Bell is the shining star of this show, but then I have found her very attractive ever since JAG started.  It’s an interesting show and an ultimately America friendly view of the people in the armed services.  I have yet to see an episode where they sit around and talk about the ten to one death rate of civilians to militants in Iraq, or the glories of waterboarding.  It’s all safe, comfortable, Main Street fare.  And although that’s what part of the military service is, the other part is people making a career out of murder.  State sanctioned or not, it’s murder.

These Wives will make you feel at home in their struggles.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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