Welcome to the Kingdom [standard def]

As a child, I used to wonder how incredible it would be to be able to speak with animals.  Think of all the things they would be able to tell me?  Problem is, most of it wouldn’t be any good.  Stop eating us, don’t feed us mashed up brains and chemicals, don’t keep us caged all the time, you’re destroying the environment, things of that nature.  And how could you not help but feel guilty at such a time as that?  Mostly because, we are indeed all guilty of that.  Nonetheless, there is now a new DVD out which takes a look at a world in which animals can speak.

Starting this September 23rd, now available on DVD from Animalia Productions and PorchLight Home Entertainment comes the first collection of stories from a land where animals talk and are just like us.  Animalia – Welcome To The Kingdom is ready to burst out of your television screen and transport you to a world of magic and fun.  Bring home this DVD today!

Zoe and Alex are 11 year old friends who are whisked from their local library into the magical land of Animalia where animals can talk.  Things are starting to get a little crazy in Animalia and Zoe and Alex must work to keep their new friends safe.  There’s Tyrannicus the opportunistic tiger who wants Zoe and Alex gone, Allegra the diva alligator who can really sing, G’Bunu the gorilla and his little friend Iggy and Livingstone T. Lion, the young and intelligent ruler of Animalia.  This disc contains four great episodes – “Hello, We Must Be Going,” “Goodbye, We Must Be Staying,” “The Mist Of Time” and “Forget Me Not.”

The special features included on this DVD are a look at taking this story from the best-selling picture book to the small screen and a featurette about how they animated these characters in such a realistic and eye-catching way.

This series is broadcast on the BBC and PBS and is based off of the best-selling picture book by Graeme Base.  There are plans to have a series of books spun off from the television show and based on what I’ve seen, they’ll be very entertaining and intelligent.  This is a captivating show.  I loved the book and this far exceeds my high expectations.  The characters are varied and realistic, the dilemmas they face are intelligent and your children will learn many valuable lessons from this show and their new animal friends.

Take a wild trip to Animalia today!

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This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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