I have never been to Washington DC. I’ve been to a whole mess of state capitals and those are interesting, with all their museums and monuments. Yet I suppose that nothing can compare to the pageantry and imperial majesty than Washington DC and surrounding areas. Now there is a documentary out which takes a look at all those incredible monuments and the history behind them.

Starting this September 23rd, now available on DVD from Smithsonian Networks and Infinity Entertainment Group comes the first in a series of fantastic looks at the monuments our nation erects to help us all remember. America’s Greatest Monuments – Washington DC is ready to strut into your living room and give you a view of things you’ve heard about forever but maybe not necessarily known a whole lot about. Bring home this great documentary today!

This DVD takes a look at the monuments inside of Washington DC. For instance, there is the World War II memorial, the Koran War memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial. There is also a large memorial to the work and life of FDR, something I did not know before I watched this show. There is also the story behind Arlington National Cemetery, which is cosmic justice and completely hilarious. The story behind JFK and his eternal flame is touching and a remembrance of how sad his death was is also included in this disc. Then, serving as probably the touchstone of this whole show, there is a long feature about the Washington Monument. This was one of the first monuments which was planned for the new capital, but made a long time afterwards. There is a clear line across the monument because the color of the stone changed when they dug deeper into the quarry. There was also a stone which the Pope sent to be included in the monument, but a group of people associated with the Know-Nothing nativist political party broke into the construction site and destroyed the papal stone.

The only special feature that is included in this disc is closed captioning on the DVD and subtitles on the Blu-Ray disc.

I found this documentary to be completely fascinating. It’s all about buildings, so how interesting could that be? Nonetheless, I was amazed at how much history could be in a bunch of buildings. We know that monuments themselves stand for important occasions, but even during the construction of these monuments themselves there are all sorts of monumental things which occur. If I ever do go to DC, the first monument I want to see is the Vietnam Wall, which I find to be a captivating memorial to one of the biggest mistakes this nation has ever made. Not only that, but I know a little bit more about the history behind the construction.

This documentary is Monumental.

This DVD is available at smithsonianchannel.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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