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This movie takes the idea of “zombie” so much farther than any other zombie movie I’ve seen.  Zombies give you a lens through which to criticize vast segments of society and the different things they stand for.  This movie mocks everyone and it is the funniest zombie movie and mockumentary I have ever seen.

Starting this July 8th, now available on DVD from Cinema Libre and Lee Lee Films comes one of the most visionary mockumentaries of our time.  American Zombie is ready to lurch into your living room and bring you back to the rest of the living dead.  Bring home this hilarious send up of so much today!

Zombies are alive and living in Los Angeles.  They claim to be harmless, but some people have some doubts.  Most people simply ignore them.  Filmmakers Grace Lee and John Solomon team up to make a movie about these zombies, or regenerants.  Together, they meet Ivan, a lonely zombie who works in a convenience store and writes ‘zines about being a zombie.  Then there’s Lisa, who works in a floral shop and tries hard to remember who she used to be.  There is also Judy, a romantic who dreams of a life together with a normal person and Joel, a political activist who works hard for zombie rights.  We learn about their lives and the struggles they go through.  Things might get a little strange from time to time, but they’re never that bad.  That is, until they manage to get invited to Live Dead, the seminal zombie festival and things begin to get way too weird.

The special features included in this DVD are an optional audio commentary with the writers, director and selected cast members, a featurette which takes a look behind the scenes at the film, and the original theatrical trailer.

This movie is creepily fascinating and mocks everyone you could ever imagine.  The artistic filmmaker, the in your face documentary filmmaker, ‘zines, romance, homosexuals, non-profit organizations, Christians, protestors, art festivals.  This movie makes fun of life in general and it is wickedly hilarious.  It is very clever and deserves to be seen. They’re here, they’re dead, get used to it.

This Zombie rocks!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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