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I really used to not like Lyndon Baines Johnson.  His handling of the Vietnam War was terrible.  He focused on escalation at a time when McNamara and Kennedy had decided on a gradual draw-down of our forces in the area.  The one Johnson quote I can remember is “America – she wins her wars.”  Of course I didn’t like him!  But with this new documentary on LBJ, you will now be able to see more than simply the side history has stuck him with.

Starting this August 26th, now available on DVD from PBS Home Video and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the definitive collection of the important and pivotal American presidents of the twentieth century.  American Experience – The Presidents Collection – LBJ is ready to come into your living room and help explain why the twentieth century turned out the way it did.  Bring home this wonderful historic show today.

This DVD boxed set contains 15 DVDs and ten episodes from American Experience.  The presidents examined are, in chronological order, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, The Kennedys, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.

Of the many people to be in the highest office in the land lately, Lyndon Johnson is one of the most enigmatic and least known.  He came out of Texas and was the powerbroker in Congress.  He lost a bitterly contested race against JFK, but was chosen as VP, a role he took to quite seriously.  The impact that JFK’s assassination had on his own life and view of the world in general cannot be overstated.  Johnson went on to take on the Vietnam War, needlessly escalating a losing fight.  Yet Johnson also focused on destroying poverty and building a great society.  However, he left politics after two terms, completely defeated and disillusioned.

The special features included in this DVD consist of a teacher discussion guide made to help further classroom discussion of this documentary.

This documentary really surprised me.  I had forgotten all about the War on Poverty and Johnson’s Great Society.  He was the one who signed much legislation into being that had to do with civil rights even though he was from the racist South.  He was a powerful figure in the nation at a time when upheaval was prevalent.  Yes, he did drop the ball on Vietnam, but who didn’t?  Johnson was a president who was committed to justice and fairness and is someone we could certainly use in office right now.

Experience this great documentary.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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