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I’m not a huge fan of Halloween.  I simply don’t get it.  Kids go around and get candy, adults dress up and go to parties and it’s all supposed to come together to make a serious holiday and a good time for all.  Just like Valentine’s Day, it’s some other nonsensical holiday promoted by candy companies to drive up their bottom line.  I handed out candy at my house last year and I won’t be doing it again for a while.  It cost a bunch and there was no return on my investment and with McCain the Deregulator on the loose, I really need to protect my investments.  Even if I don’t appreciate the holiday, Halloween can still be fun and there’s a new DVD out which proves just that.

Starting this September 23rd, now available on DVD from Bagdasarian Productions and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes a fantastic collection of holiday specific episodes from your favorite gang of friendly rodents.  Alvin And The Chipmunks – Trick Or Treason is ready to burst into your living room with holiday excitement and take you on fantastic journeys into the land of fun.  Bring home this modern classic today!

Alvin is excited to finally get a chance to join one of his favorite organizations, the Monster Club.  He soon discovers that it’s all about pulling the biggest pranks and he drags poor Simon and Theodore into the mess with him.  They befriend a lonely kid named Michael who everyone calls Pumpkinhead and then things really get crazy. In some other episodes, the chipmunks have a babysitter they decide to play some tricks on, but things don’t work out exactly how they planned, something goes terribly wrong when everyone’s asleep and the chipmunks learn to work as a team.  This DVD consists of episodes “Trick or Treason”, “Babysitter Fright Night”, “Theodore’s Life as a Dog”, “Nightmare on Seville Street” and “No Chipmunk is an Island.”

Unfortunately, there are no special features included in this disc beyond full screen format and stereo sound.

These episodes are fantastic.  Although they are listed as being classics, I do not remember seeing any of them before, so it was very enjoyable to watch them for the first time.  Seeing all the trouble Alvin is able to get him and his brothers into and out of all the time is a wonderful treat, no matter what your age.  The animation is clever, the jokes are great and you will love this DVD.

This DVD is one Trick you won’t soon forget.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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