The Chipettes

Nostalgia for the Eighties is pervasive these days.  Nerd chic is in and those blaring, strange colors are to cool for school.  I don’t remember the Eighties too well, but I don’t think I’d be very willing to go back.  Television was one bright spot of that era and one of the few that I do remember.  The Phoenix Corporation, KITT, and even some hilarious chipmunks were my ever present companions.  Now one of those cultural monuments is available on DVD for the first time ever.

Starting this January 13th, now available on DVD from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment and Bagdasarian Productions comes the next release of zany adventures from those fun and crazy chipmunks.  Alvin And The Chipmunks – The Chipettes is ready to leap out of your television screen and bring the hilarity back home!  Bring home this fantastic and wonderful episode collection today!

Alvin, Theodore and Simon are no longer the only chipmunks in town with the addition of three female chipmunks.  Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor are here and they are ready to mix it up.  Brittany tries to join the Mean Girls at her school, Brittany and Alvin run for class president, Theodore almost gets an operation, they see a television judge, there’s a beauty pageant and they join the circus.  The episodes included in this disc are “May The Best Chipmunk Win,” “Operation Theodore,” “Sisters,” “The Greatest Show-Offs On Earth,” “My Fair Chipette” and “Tell It To The Judge.”

These episodes were originally released from 1983 to 1987 and, regrettably, do not have any special features.  It would be great if there were some, but just being able to watch television from the Eighties is wonderful enough.  The episodes are presented in a full-screen format.

This show was cute and enjoyable the first time I watched it and it continues to be the same.  The colors are bright and delightful and the drawings are some of the most wonderful in the history of television animation.  The stories are both funny and carry a good message for the children who watch them.  This disc is a great collection of topnotch episodes from a fantastic show and I highly recommend it to anyone who was a fan when it aired originally or is looking to bring a little retro cred into their kids’ lives.

These Chipettes will enliven any day!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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