Air Bud (Special Edition)

Let us be honest – sports movies are a wholly depleted genre.  You take a team of disadvantaged individuals who all happen to play hockey/football/swimming/soccer/baseball/basketball/debate team or a host of other options and have them achieve much and either win or lose at state.  But what if you introduce something new into the equation?  Like a dog?  Hmm.  Well, now there’s a chance to see what exactly that would like and it’s on DVD now.

Starting this March 3rd, now available on DVD from Keystone Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the original tale about the dog that plays sports.  Air Bud – Special Edition is ready to leap right out of your television screen and straight into your heart with this tale of sports and love.  Bring home this modern children’s classic today!

The original is back!  Josh Framm is a lonely twelve year old boy in a brand new city.  He is too shy to try out for the basketball team.  Yet while practicing basketball by himself, Josh meets a dog, Buddy, who can hoop it up.  With Buddy at his side, they both easily make the school team and set the school on course to win it all.  Of course, the dog’s former owner wants to get some money out of all of this and so Josh and Buddy are off to stay one step ahead and still win State.

The special features included in this special edition DVD are an optional audio commentary from the Buddies, the inheritors of this film series, the original theatrical trailer and an exclusive Buddy dog tag.

I’ve seen this movie several times and enjoyed it each time.  It is a heartwarming film about friendship and how special pets can be.  If they ever made Cycling Bud, I think that would be the greatest children’s movie ever made.  Alas, they have not, but this movie is still a very good one.  Yet as far as special editions go, this is a disappointment.  It’s not extended or filled with bonus features or anything else to set it apart.  To be honest, it seems to be little more than a ploy to take the popularity of the Buddies films, hence their appearance on the commentary track, and link them to this movie to bring up sales.  It just might work and I’m willing to forgive the shameless cross-promotion.  In the end, it’s a fantastic movie and your children deserve to watch it, no matter why they want to.

Your heart will get big Air with this family-friendly film!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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