Adventures from the Book of Virtues - Adventures in Faith

It is never a bad thing to raise moral children.  Being a good person is always a positive thing.  Now there is a new tool available to help make that happen for your children.

Starting this August 12th, now available on DVD from Porchlight Home Entertainment and Porchlight Inspire comes an acclaimed PBS children’s series based on a bestselling book.  Based on Bill Bennet’s The Book Of Virtues, Adventures From The Book Of Virtues – Adventures In Faith is ready to help make your children’s lives better.  Bring home this life-changing television show today!

This series is told through the eyes of two children, Zach and Annie and their animal friends who read to them from the book.  This show starts off with Zach seeing a neighbor’s house burn down, but running away when he was asked if he could do anything to help them after the fire.  The first story in this collection of stories about faith from the show is about the Good Samaritan.  Nearly everyone in the world knows this story, yet it still remains a compelling tale about the importance of being a good neighbor and how being a religious person never necessarily makes one a good person.  The story is somewhat embellished from the original, but in a way to make the central point stand out even more.  Zach learns that someone else might not show up to help, so it’s his duty to help whenever he can.  The second story is the tale of how the Big Dipper got up into the sky, another somewhat classic tale which illustrates that the smallest decisions we make can have huge impacts.  A little girl shares her water until her kindness is repaid with the end of a drought and her dipper up in the sky.  Zach learns that the size of his actions should never hold him back from helping.  The next story is the famous tale of Andocles and the Lion, which shows us that we will get a reward for what we do.  Andocles was a Roman slave who helped a lion and is then captured and fed to the lions.  However, the lion who is to eat him was the one he helped and his life is saved.  From this, Zach learns that we are all repaid for what we do.  The second half of the DVD starts out with Annie losing her grandmother, Ruth, and Annie is losing her faith in God as a result.  The first story in this show is Daniel in the lions den, another common story about how Daniel’s faith kept the lions from eating him.  From this, Annie learns that faith can be a great asset in times of trouble.  The next story is the tale of Harriet Tubman.  From this, Annie learns that her faith can get her through hard times.

The special feature included in this DVD is an optional Spanish audio track.

For this series, the animation is pretty good and the stories are good ones too.  The greatest problem I have with this series is that it is something coming from a conservative viewpoint.  That in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that it cleaves to absolutes, the world of the black and the white.  Admittedly, children do deal better with absolutes and they have to start somewhere, but once they become old enough to really think for themselves, that viewpoint is something which needs unlearning.  Nonetheless, this series provides a vital tool for parents.

These Adventures will entertain your children and help them become better people at the same time.

PorchLight Home Entertainment is a division of PorchLight Entertainment, a media production and distribution company which remains dedicated to providing high-quality family friendly media.  PorchLight Inspire is a recently launched division of PorchLight Entertainment focused on distributing inspirational and faith based entertainment for children and families.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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