You likely won’t be seeing this in your local Megaplex, but it is worth seeking it out at your local video store, If you are a fan of the martial arts genre of movies, this is a must have. I did have a little problem with the first attempt at watching it; I didn’t realize that the default language was Cantonese! This made it somewhat difficult to follow; even more bizarre was the fact that the lips did not follow the dialog from people obviously talking in English! A quick tweak on the Remote Controller (Jan, my wife fixed it, I may be the King of computers, but my wife is the Queen of the remote controls), and we were up and running.

Yuen Biao may have the starring role, but Cynthia Rothrock as Cindy Si steals the limelight with a great performance, and one that would make Rambo proud.
The plot revolves around a corrupt justice system that permits an obviously guilty and dirty crime family to walk free. There is one person in the ‘system’ that wants to bring them to justice, and he is willing to work Above The Law and Yuen Biao, (Once Upon a Time in China) is the guy to do it.This is the classic Kung-Fu movie with some technology thrown in for good measure, there are some spectacular car stunts. One scene involves three cars in a parking garage, and the drivers are hell bent on getting rid of Jason Chan (Yuen Biao), the last time I saw this much automotive carnage was the Blues Brothers. Using some great special effects Jason narrowly escapes being squished.

Martial Arts movies of late have drifted into the impossible, the laws of physics prevent you walking on the ceiling, or killing someone with just a stare. Above The Law stays within the laws, all of the action is real, as far as I could see there was little use of the blue screen and CGI.

This is an unusual movie, and it has an ending that you would not expect. I am not going to give the game away here. If you want to find out, try Amazon. 

Simon Barrett

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