The Greatest Gift of All

I love watching television commentary shows about politics.  Keith Olbermann is one of my true media heroes and I have a mad crush on Rachel Maddow, especially after seeing her in those glasses being interviewed by Stephen Colbert.  Speaking of which, Colbert also has a television show where he talks about the news.  Now he has something brand new coming out on DVD right now!

Starting this November 25th, now available on DVD from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the Christmas special from everyone’s favorite neo-conservative.  A Colbert Christmas – The Greatest Gift Of All! is ready to come sledding right out of your television screen and straight into your holiday-loving heart.  Bring home this fake holiday special today!

It’s Christmas Eve and Stephen Colbert is in his cabin in the woods.  He needs to get to the studio to film a Christmas special with Elvis Costello, but there’s a bear outside that keeps him from leaving.  John Stewart pops in to try and get Colbert to give Hanukkah a chance with little success.  Toby Keith and his camouflaged M-16 come in and sing a song about how there’s a war on Christmas and this year, Christmas is fighting back.  John Legend comes in and sings a song about he must have nutmeg in his eggnog.  Willie Nelson gets so high that he makes Steven Colbert hallucinate him as one of the wise men in the nativity scene.  Then the ever so beautiful Feist appears as an angel on the tree to comfort Stephen and grant him a wish.  This wish results in Elvis Costello being transported to the house and eaten by a bear, but he survives and sings the closing song.

The special features included in this DVD are a video of a burning Yule log and some burning books, a 25 day video advent calendar which probably the funniest thing on the DVD, some alternative endings and much more.  Also, two of the funniest jokes of the whole experience are located on the packaging, so pay attention when you open it.

Colbert’s show is usually hilarious.  He’s no John Stewart, but it’s still pretty funny, even if it is in a goofier and less serious manner.  I had high hopes for this special, but it disappointed at every level.  I didn’t laugh once and there were so many dropped jokes it was painful.  It is always nice to see Feist, but even that doesn’t make up for this train wreck of a movie.

Put this Gift under your Christmas tree!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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