As a child, my favorite of all the Disney movies was certainly The Little Mermaid.  There was at least a small amount of adventure, there were ships and treasure and magic.  Most of all, there was a scantily clad and gorgeous redhead mermaid.  And, as a redhead myself, there’s nothing hotter than the fire up top.  I had a crush on Ariel for years.  But, aside from liking a movie based on  a young child’s sexual attractions, I also was a huge fan of another Disney movie.  And now, for you and for your children, that other favorite film of mine is now available on DVD.

Starting this March 4th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios and Buena Vista Home Entertainment., is the 2 disc platinum edition of 101 Dalmatians.  Grab this iconic picture which sustained your childhood and will do for your children as well.  This is the first time this picture has been out of the Disney vault this decade.  Take this chance today!

In short, this movie is the story of 101 dalmatians.  Pongo and Perdie are two dalmatians whose owners end up getting married.  They have some puppies, but Perdie’s owner’s aunt is Cruella De Vil, who wants the puppies.  But when she can’t get them legally, she sends in her two bumbling henchmen to steal them.  Once stolen, they are put with a bunch of other stolen puppies.  However, through the dog magic of the “Twilight Bark,” the dogs are able to escape.

The special features which are a part of  this platinum edition 2 disc set of 101 Dalmatians  include enhanced and restored sound and picture, trivia facts which pop up as you watch the movie, a fun with languages game, a virtual dalmatians game, a featurette into the making of the film, songs which were deleted from the video, and an all new Cruella De Vil music video.  There is also a look at the correspondences between the author of the book and Walt Disney himself and a look into the inspiration behind the character of Cruella De Vil.

This is a warm and wonderful movie.  With the restored picture, this movie looks even better.  This is one of the most enjoyable movies which Disney has ever made.
101 Dalmatians has always made for a howling good time.

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