Patch's London Adventure

Let’s all face the fact that everyone has known for a long time.  Disney animation is king.  Yeah, Pixar and some others are boss at digital animation, but when it comes to ink and paper, no one can stand up to the original and nearly divine Disney animations.  Now there is a new chance for you to see a movie which proudly lives up to that original standard.

Starting this September 16th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the continuing adventures of everyone’s favorite group of 101 animated dogs.  101 Dalmatians II – Patch’s London Adventure – Special Edition is ready to explode into your living room and put a smile on your face while bringing some adventure back into your life.  Bring home this magnificent sequel today!

Pongo and Perdita are still together, raising their improvised brood of 101 puppies.  One of them, Patch, has troubles feeling special when he’s surrounded 100 others.  He decides to run off and find his all-time hero, Thunderbolt, a television dog who is heroic and magnificent.  Patch finds him, but Thunderbolt’s sidekick, Lightning, drops the bomb that the show’s producers are looking to add an additional dog to the show.  Thunderbolt and Patch decide that Patch is the hound for the job and so they set off into the real world to prove that they are heroes.  Yet when Cruella De Vil shows up again, it’s up to those two to really save the day.

The special features included in this special edition DVD are the Disney Fast-Play option, a brand new game about the adventures Patch takes in the twilight, a music video for the song “Try Again,” the game “Lost In London,” a music video for the song “You’re The One,” a deeper look at Thunderbolt, an interesting look at life behind the scenes and so much more.

This is a magnificent sequel.  Roger is still the same loveable loser and Pongo and Perdy are just as great as you remember them from way back when.  This film is able to maintain the same feel as the original movie, keep all the main characters, add some great ones and be able to put out an adventure which is fun, yet doesn’t change how we view the first film.  In short, this sequel is completely canonical, with nothing conflicting or causing great shifts as a whole.  I loved it and I know that you all will like it too.

You’ll love this film II!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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