101 Dalmatians

I remember when I first saw this movie.  I went to it with my whole family and my grandparents, the ones that don’t like me now.  It’s tough to find movies that the whole family can enjoy and this certainly seemed to fit the bill.  We went to the theater in the mall at Eau Claire, the new mall, not that lame London Square mall.  From what I remember, I enjoyed that evening and the film we saw.  Now you have the chance to recreate those fantastic moments in the life of Nathaniel for yourself.

Starting this September 16th, now available on DVD from Great Oaks Productions and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is the live-action version of everyone’s favorite movie about way too many dogs.  101 Dalmatians is ready to burst into your living room, romp all over the place and take your heart with them when they leave.  Bring home the modernization of this incredible classic today!

This is one of the classic stories most children grow up knowing.  Roger and Anita fall in love and so do their dogs, Pongo and Perdy.  Roger is nervous and Anita is pretty and soon Pongo and Perdy are having puppies.  They have 15, but Anita’s crazy aunt, Cruella De Vil, is trying to get her hands on them so she can make a Dalmatian coat.  Roger and Anita won’t give them up, so Cruella has her henchmen, Jasper and Horace, steal them.  They end up in a mansion with a total of 101 Dalmatians and Pongo, Perdy and the rest of the dogs in London set out to rescue them in terrific form.  Only this time, it’s all live action.  Glenn Close, Jeff Daniels, a younger Hugh Laurie, Joely Richardson and Joan Plowright round out the cast of this film.

Sadly, very sadly, this film does not include any special features, something which certainly would have improved the DVD experience.

This film is wholly enjoyable.  Even now, long after I first saw the live-action version, I am still completely amazed by just how well this film is able to duplicate the feeling and the individual characters of the animated original.  Glenn Close is deliciously wicked as Cruella and it’s delightful to see Hugh Laurie in such a role.  I recommend this film as a great time for the whole family.

This film isn’t a perfect 10, it’s a 101.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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